CarolAnn Wachter

CarolAnn Wachter

"Painting for me is an instinctual process where I can discover, question and resolve things. I feel the most alive when I am creating. I am interested in making visible the relationships between the seen worlds of nature with the unseen worlds of biological structures, feelings and conscious thought. Moving back and forth between observational painting and abstraction allows me the freedom to paint the complexities of experience in a visual language which is at once personal and hopefully resounds in a universal experience."

CarolAnn Wachter is a fine artist and a designer living now in Boulder CO. She studied painting and sculpture at the School of Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited her work in New York, Colorado, Connecticut, Miami, Paris and Tokyo. After a decade of painting the figure she moved into abstraction, still holding a place for a figurative

element in the work.

Saturated color, and strong shapes pair up to create abstract works that weave together the movement of energy or Life’s force with a personal psychological narrative.

CarolAnn has been featured in the New York Times, Elle, Spur (Japan), Luxe, 5280, Atomic Ranch, Boulder Lifestyle Magazine and the Daily Camera.