Jenn Merz CQ

Jenn Merz CQ

Jenn Merz ColorQueen graduated from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia with a BFA; majoring in painting with a minor in sculpture.

As a painter, printmaker, and sculptor, my work consists of combining different mediums to create decadence. I have always gravitated towards shape and color with emphasis on the female figure and nature. My inspirations come from personal experience(s), emotions, my home and places I have visited. The minimalist approach in my work gives me the freedom to capture the true essence with simplicity and, express what is truly in my head and in my heart. To me there is no feeling more empowering and purer than the latter.

Modified NJ Loves CO (Exhibited Series)
Over the last year there have been a lot of changes with the women in my life, both loses and gains. I am originally from New Jersey, my husband and I relocated to Colorado six years ago. It was hard to start over and has taken some time for me to truly call Colorado home. What makes a home to me is comfort, safety and a foundation which is what these women have given me. The hardest change was the passing of my Mommom, she was emblematic of unconditional love. As an adult you can chose your family. The bond with my Mommom was the archetype for all subsequent relationships with strong women. These six paintings are to honor the most significant women in my life and relationships that have grown.

Doomed I - VI
I have been conducting a study on trees which has branched off into two separate series. While working one day, I started to think about the wild fires in Colorado that burned from August through October in 2020. I felt very sad for our trees and decided one of the series would represent their greatest enemy, FIRE. Thinking back to my childhood, when I thought the trees “spoke” to one another. These six paintings are how I envisioned our beautiful Aspens responding to the smoke. Bracing themselves. Feebly trying to move away from the smoke to protect themselves. Attempting to warn each-other of the the impending doom heading for them.

Jenn Merz ColorQueen was featured in our Botanical Narratives exhibit February 11 - April 9, 2022.