Luci Geller

Luci Geller

Brazilian-American visual artist, Luci Geller’s artistic pursuit began with her love for interior design. Finding the optimal orientation of furniture was a childhood fascination that continues to present day. She calls it her obsession. She has always enjoyed working with sophisticated colors, paying attention to lines and balance.

This constant arrangement of color and shape is infused in her artwork. For instance “Garment 1” is an assembly of suggestive clothing patterns, used in a themed idea, painted in oil in vivid colors.

She began working

in handmade paper collage first as an interior design solution to cover up an unappealing wood panel wall. She installed on the wall a removable foam core with beautiful handmade papers, making it much more interesting.

Working with shape, color and composition keeps her art fresh and inviting. Her playful visions are influenced by the brilliant colors of Brazilian culture as well as her love for interior design.