Petra Perkins

Petra Perkins

Petra Perkins, author and sculptor, works from her studio in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She began the Artist phase of her life after a career in the aerospace and computer industries.

My bronze "Zelda" is a manifestation of two opposing views in one piece. I chose a wild animal, a zebra, to best create the contrast. The commonality is the form. The contrasting sides are achieved by different colors (black & white paint vs. brown patina) and design (textured stripes vs. smooth skin). The designs merge vertically. This approach is arguably unique.

I'm inclined to stark contrasts in sculpture and in my writing. I feel and project the emotion and drama of art more strongly when I show two very different sides. Zelda's opposite views are meant to represent her peaceful inner self vs. her wild outer nature -- how she sees herself vs. how she is seen by others.

I named this bronze after Zelda Fitzgerald, a favorite author, who had bipolar disease and was institutionalized. I chose a legless pose to effect a powerful groundedness.

Currently, a second piece, a giraffe, is in work. "Twiga" is depicted in the same half-and-half contrasted style. Also in design is "Cheeta" which will round out the third piece in this trio. All are legless as a focus more on spirit than mobility.

Artistic influence: I am drawn to sculptors Giacametti and Botero in terms of contrasts of proportion; Butterfield's abstract horse sculptures; Picasso's geometry; the simplicity of Etruscan and Greek horses; and any abstractions of African animals with colorful skin patterns.

The bronze medium is my favorite because nothing is as solid or lasting. A bronze will last forever unless it is melted down so it is exciting to think that someone would see and perhaps wonder about my art hundreds of years from now.

Although I have great appreciation for traditional and representational art, I prefer to envision works which start out with a representational form and become abstraction.

Petra Perkins was featured in our Female Alchemy show June 5 - September 5, 2021.