Alyssa Schwarz

Alyssa Schwarz

Alyssa is a proud native of Golden, Colorado and an award-winning artist. She is also a geological engineer and an aspiring author who hopes to one day publish as well. She enjoys painting and drawing the beauty found in nature and combining the precision of engineering with the creative expression of art.

Alyssa has displayed her artwork throughout the Denver metro area in numerous art shows and exhibitions, has provided artwork for professional geotechnical societies, and is currently exhibiting a series of 14 pen-and-ink drawings in

the newly renovated Marriott Hotel in the Denver Tech Center.

Alyssa’s inspiration for her artwork comes from the play of light and color within nature. Her style and medium range from ink, to acrylic, to watercolor—whichever best captures the presence and emotion of a scene.

Alyssa Schwarz was featured in our Female Alchemy show June 5 - September 5, 2021.