Susan Schwarz

Susan Schwarz


n is a Colorado native who, by day, works in various capacities within the real estate industry, and makes time to do her art whenever possible. She has been doing art for as long as she can remember, going back to Saturday art days with the family, building and designing homes, faux painting rooms to resemble marble and stone, or teaching art classes with her daughter through the school system.

She had done watercolor paintings since the early 90’s, and has also studied oil painting, color theory, and metalsmithing. She has displayed her work at local restaurants, coffee shops, the Arvada Art Center, and various other venues around Colorado.

Susan works from her home studio, striving to capture the play of color and light in both her paintings and jewelry designs.

Susan Schwarz was featured in our Female Alchemy show June 5 - September 5, 2021.